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Sarah Petchell’s ‘Chappy Chats’ Returns for Second Season

Chappy Chats has returned for a second season, and will continue exploring the work and impact of chaplains across Australia.

By Justin RouillonMonday 22 Aug 2022Chappy ChatsPodcastsReading Time: 2 minutes

96five’s Sarah Petchell wears many hats. She’s a mum, a chaplain, an elite sportswoman… and she’s returning with the second season of the podcast Chappy Chats.

On this season of Chappy Chats, Sarah will continue to explore the stories around chaplaincy. Both the impact of chaplains, and those who have been supported by chaplaincy in their community.

Sarah said that she is looking forward to sharing the stories with 96five listeners.

“We’ve assembled a really diverse set of guests on this season of Chappy Chats. From the work of Nightwatch chaplains in our urban entertainment precincts, to chaplaincy operations in remote and regional Australia, we’re really trying to highlight the work of chaplains across the country.

“One episode I’m especially looking forward to sharing is our Father’s Day Special. A chat with John Rutter of The Fathering Project. John is using his skills, first learnt as a chaplain, to support and encourage dads all over Queensland.”

Freya Phillips (right) features on the first episode of Chappy Chats Season 2.

If you have a chaplain in your life, whether through work or school, or have been lifted up and supported by a chaplain, check out the new season of Chappy Chats, available from this Thursday August 25.

Episode one tells Freya Phillips story of how chaplaincy supported her. Following a diagnosis of miserable malalignment syndrome, which saw the primary school student undertake a raft of painful treatment and recovery procedures.

It’s a story about staying strong during hard times. Holding onto hope and the support that a school chaplain can provide within the school environment.

New episodes available every Thursday at 6am from August 25.

You can find Chappy Chats on the 96five app, at the 96five podcast page, or listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Written by Emelyne Isezerano