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96five Launches New Podcast With Ken Green

The apologetics podcast will explore science, reason and faith, and is hosted by 96five breakfast presenter Ken Green.

By 96five Thursday 18 Aug 202296five BreakfastPodcastsReading Time: 1 minute

96five will add another podcast to its current suite of titles, with the launch of the first season of Mind Made Matter this Friday.

Hosted by 96five breakfast host Ken Green, the podcast is centred around apologetics, and exploring the big questions of science, faith and reason.

Ken says that the podcast title was inspired by one of his heroes in the apologetics space; Professor John Lennox of Oxford University, who is well known for his work around the intersection of science, religion and philosophy.

“I heard Professor Lennox speaking about the origins of life and the universe, and he said ‘there are two possibilities: either matter made mind or mind made matter’.

“So basically he is saying that either intelligence is formed out of rocks, atoms and chemicals, or the other way around – that rocks, atoms and everything else was created by an intelligent mind.”

Ken Green

Ken Green will host the new 96five podcast Mind Made Matter.

The first three episodes of the ten part series will be available on Friday August 19, with new episodes available every Friday for the next two months.

Episode 1 focuses on consciousness and intelligence, while episodes 2 and 3 will explore the concepts of evil and the origins of the universe.

You can listen to Mind Made Matter via the 96five app, at the 96five podcast page, or you can subscribe in the podcast app of your choice.

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