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Got So Many Questions? Check Out the So Many Answers Podcast

Hosted by Sandy Oswald, the So Many Answers podcast will help you grow through the challenges that life can throw at us.

By 96five Tuesday 31 Jan 2023PodcastsReading Time: 1 minute

For over 30 years, Sandy Oswald has been in the business of helping people move forward in life.

Sandy has worked supporting children in regional Australia, as a community care pastor with Citipointe on Brisbane’s southside, and is now working as a counsellor and psychotherapist in her own private practice; So Many Answers Counselling Service.

96five has joined together with Sandy to bring you the So Many Answers podcast, which will see Sandy unpacking some of the questions that have come her way over the years.  It will also give listeners to have their own questions addressed.

The podcast will cover a wide range of topics including relationships, mental health and personal growth all with an encouraging approach.  Sandy’s aim is to share succinctly things that she has learnt over the years, with relatable stories that will help you quickly absorb and process life altering principles.

So Many Answers will be accompanied by a series of 60 second radio spots to be broadcast on 96five, which aims to drill down some of the thoughts and principles of the podcast into an even shorter format for radio.

The first three episodes of So Many Answers are available now, with new episodes available every second Monday.

You can listen and subscribe to So Many Answers in your podcast app, or at the 96five podcast page.  You can also learn more and follow Sandy at her blog, or on her Instagram or Facebook pages.

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