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96five Launches First Ever Kids Podcast: ‘Spotty Kites’

The podcast will be hosted by Nonna Donna (AKA Donna Dyson), who is a nationally recognised composer, educator and songwriter.

By 96five Wednesday 3 Jul 2024PodcastsReading Time: 2 minutes

96five is proud to announce the first in a series of dedicated kids’ podcasts with the Spotty Kites Podcast.

The Spotty Kites Podcast is hosted by Nonna Donna, and is packed full of music and learning for kids, with the first season focusing on animals.

Spotty Kites is the brainchild of Brisbane composer, songwriter and early childhood academic Donna Dyson.  All of the Spotty Kites music has been produced by Wil Hughes, an internationally awarded theatre and film composer based in Brisbane.

Donna is a nationally recognised and awarded songwriter, and it’s with the Spotty Kites label (distributed globally by MGM), that she can combine her passions of early childhood education, literacy and music.

“I specialised in children’s literacy as an academic, and I really wanted to contribute back to that space,” Donna told 96five.

“Children sing before they read, so it was an amalgamation of my passion and academic expertise.”

Donna Dyson is a nationally recognised songwriter, and host of the new 96five podcast for kids; ‘Spotty Kites’ (supplied).

Donna is quick to point out that the music of Spotty Kites is not just for kids though.

“The songs are written in such a way that they are for all the family.  Parents won’t go crazy having an earworm in their head while they’re in the car!”

The podcast also features fun facts and learning for kids alongside a song in each episode.  Season one of the podcast sees host Nonna Donna sharing songs about dogs, lions, whales, penguins and even down to a teeny tiny flea!

“The podcast is for kids to participate in as well as enjoy!  We’re passionate about sharing stories through songs, so children will have a lovely encounter of a story with each song.”

The Spotty Kites Podcast drops into your podcast feed on Monday July 8th. You can listen to the preview now, and subscribe to Spotty Kites in your podcast app or favourite platform such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Amazon Music.

The Spotty Kites Podcast will also be available on the 96five app and the 96five Podcast Page.