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A-Listers Line Up For Voice Roles on Bluey

The global success of the Brisbane based and produced kids show Bluey has seen some big names lend their voices to season 3 of the show.

By Justin RouillonMonday 13 Dec 2021TV and StreamingReading Time: 2 minutes

With only two seasons under their belts, Brisbane’s Ludo Studio found themselves with a bona fide global sensation in the kids TV show Bluey.

And that success has been shown off with season 3 of Bluey, now showing on Australian screens, and a number of high profile voices appearing in the show as cameo roles.

Radio and TV personality Hamish Blake has once again reprised his role as ‘Jack’s Dad’ in the episode ‘Explorers’, with a line reminiscent of his campaigns for Australian tourism.

Jack’s Dad was voiced by comedian Hamish Blake.

Hollywood star Eva Mendes provided the voice for the yoga video instructor in the episode ‘Born Yesterday’.  Last year, Mendes revealed to a US publication that Bluey was “huge in our house”, and had expressed a desire to appear in a cameo on the show.

And Ludo Studio have even managed to snare an Oscar winner, with Natalie Portman appearing on the episode ‘Whale Watching’ as the whale documentary narrator.  Portman won the 2011 Academy Award for Best Actress following her role in the thriller ‘Black Swan’.

Earlier this year the Star Wars actress was spotted reading Bluey books to her kids while on a Sydney Harbour Cruise.

Darren Hanlon, Sean Choolburra and Natalie Portman have all featured in Season 3 of Bluey.

There’s also been a number of Bluey creator Joe Brumm’s favourite Aussie voices getting roles as well.  Brumm has long been a fan of Gympie’s favourite son, singer songwriter Darren Hanlon who featured as ‘alternative energy dog’ in the episode ‘Sheep Dog’.

Comedian and Play School presenter Sean Choolburra has also returned as fan favourite Maynard, alongside Hamish Blake in ‘Explorers’.

So the big question is – who will be the next big voice to show up in the Bluey-verse?

Season 3 of Bluey is airing now on ABC Kids or stream it on ABC iview.