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David & Gus Take Out Lego Masters 2021

The Victorian duo were rewarded with a cash prize of $100,000 and the coveted Lego Masters trophy as champions of the smash-hit program.

By 96five Tuesday 18 May 202196five BreakfastTV and StreamingReading Time: 2 minutes

Main Image: Ryan McNaught, 2021 Champions David and Gus with host Hamish Blake (supplied).  Listen: David and Gus speak with Ken & Nicky about their victory in the hit TV show.

Victorians David and Gus have been crowned the winners of season three of Channel 9’s LEGO Masters.

In the grand finale episode, the final three teams faced their biggest challenge yet: 28 hours to build whatever they wanted, with no limitations and no directives.

Not only did they need to impress Ryan McNaught, the expert “Brickman”, but also 250 members of the public who voted for their favourite build.

David and Gus played to their strengths. Having honed their composition and storytelling skills through their creature builds, they decide on a diorama. Their story, set in a forest, had two deer being preyed upon by a pack of wolves.

WA boys Owen and Scott channelled every lesson they learnt throughout the competition into their final creation. They set about doing an inspired build, Engineers versus Hippies, in which a bulldozer is coming to mine a forest. Unbeknown to the engineers, there is a wizard guarding the forest.

Having survived the Brick of Doom curse and fought their way back into the contest, the third pairing, Gabby and Ryan, combined their technical mastery and humour to build a rotating circus with four stages, all viewable from every angle.

But in the end, it was David and Gus’s spectacular forest diorama that won everyone over.  Check out the three builds in the Facebook video below.

You can listen to David and Gus speaking with 96five’s Ken & Nicky in the audio player at the top of the page.