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Lachie Gill Didn’t Think Winning ‘The Voice’ Was Possible

Team Rita's Lachie Gill is feeling on top of the world after winning The Voice 2022 but says he never expected to win.

By Steff WillisMonday 30 May 202296five BreakfastTV and StreamingReading Time: 1 minute

The Melbourne PE teacher has won $100,000 and a Universal Music Australia recording contract after winning The Voice on Sunday night.

For Lachie Gill, the win was completely unexpected.

“I never put myself in the winning shoes”, Lachie shared with 96five’s Ken and Nicky.

“I never thought that was a possibility but I always knew regardless of what happened that I was going to use this to springboard this music career and to get in the studio and record some of the songs that I’ve written.”

He credits his amazing experience on The Voice to his fellow contestants, Faith, Thando and Jordan.

“Under that stress and how fast paced it is, you need to have those supportive people around you or else you just crumble under the pressure” Lachie said.

“We didn’t take long to form those connections because of the environment we were in and it feels like I’ve been friends with these guys for as long as my best friends from high school.”

“I’ve been writing music now for 6 years and I guess I’ve been trying to record it but it takes a lot of money and time to do it so now this is just that opportunity to be able to do that and do it properly”

“This is a once in a lifetime experience that I don’t think you ever forget or you ever look past.”