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Matt Preston is Making Friends with Salad

Award winning food journalist and author Matt Preston is 'chasing joy' as he joins My Kitchen Rules as a judge.

By Steff WillisTuesday 16 Aug 202296five BreakfastTV and StreamingReading Time: 2 minutes

Matt Preston is back judging food, this time on the new season of My Kitchen Rules.

Having judged cooking shows at home and abroad, MKR judge Matt Preston has a discerning eye for a winning dish.

He caught up with 96five’s Ken and Nicky to chat about his experience on MKR and his go-to dishes.

With so many options to choose from, Matt said he’s always looking for something easy and simple.

“Risotto is easy and pasta is easy. I’ll actually steer clear of those now and I’ll probably do a selection of salads” Matt said.

“It’s fresh and it’s light and again you can keep your vegetarian and your vegan friends happy.”

After so many years of being a food judge and critic, Matt is learning to look for the positives.

“I’m all about chasing joy and helping them do the best job they possibly can” Matt said.

“Our default position when we’re presented with a plate of food is not to talk about what we love about it but what could have been done better and that tends to be problematic”.

Instead Matt is switching things up and focusing on what he loves about a dish.

“If it’s something delicious, you need to make the person you’re telling it to, you need to make their mouth water.” Matt Preston

“My job when I’m sitting at that table for MKR is to give you a sense of why you’d love to eat this dish”.

MKR continues Tuesday night 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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