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MKR Judge Curtis Stone Has Perfected the Sausage Roll

Renowned chef, restaurateur, author and international television personality Curtis Stone makes a welcome return to MKR.

By Steff WillisThursday 25 Aug 202296five BreakfastTV and StreamingReading Time: 2 minutes

When it comes to world renowned Australian celebrity chefs, MKR judge Curtis Stone comes head and shoulders above the rest.

Curtis is an Aussie chef, author and television personality. For many years he’s been the “fresh food and recipes ambassador” for Coles supermarkets and he’s run restaurants all over the world.

So what would the food ambassador for Coles do if he couldn’t find a Coles supermarket to shop in? Would he dare enter an IGA or an Aldi? And when he can’t be bothered cooking, what is Curtis Stones favourite drive-through?

96five’s Ken and Nicky caught up with Curtis Stone to find out, and talk to him about his upcoming appearance on My Kitchen Rules.

“The great thing about MKR is that it’s this wonderful celebration of home cooking” said Curtis Stone.

“We have some of the best food in the world served to us in people’s homes.” – Curtis Stone

“Australia is a very multicultural place. When I say multicultural I don’t just mean different ethnicity or background. Even from Sydney to Melbourne to Perth to wherever.”

“Whether you’re from a big city or the country or whatever, culture’s a very interesting thing. It does dictate our food.”

Curtis Stone is the chef/owner of famed Los Angeles restaurant Maude and he’s passionate about sharing some of his Aussie heritage with America.

“When the pandemic hit we had a tiny little 24 seat restaurant that we wanted to keep everyone as employed as we could. We decided to do take-out”.

“We started making pies and sausage rolls in the heart of Beverly Hills and they lined up in the morning for them.”

“Give them one sausage roll and they’re hooked” – Curtis Stone

Curtis is keen to share his knowledge and food philosophy with the MKR contestants.

MKR continues on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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