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Liz Tabish on the Pressure and Joy of Playing Mary in ‘The Chosen’

The season three finale of The Chosen is in Aussie cinemas on February 3rd and 4th and Liz Tabish says it's worth seeing on the big screen.

By Steff WillisFriday 27 Jan 202396five AfternoonsTV and StreamingReading Time: 2 minutes

Liz Tabish portrays Mary Magdelene in the global phenomenon The Chosen – the crowd funded television drama based on the life of Jesus.

It’s a role she takes very seriously, knowing the importance of Mary to so many including herself.

96five’s Steff Willis had the opportunity to sit down and hear from Liz Tabish about how she approaches Mary, her go-to on set snacks and what we can expect from the Season 3 finale, coming to Australian cinemas on February 3rd and 4th.

“There’s a pressure… you want to honour it, you want to do everything right but the more you try to do it right, the less control you have over it” Liz said.

“The whole thing is a funny little dance as actors, of trusting the process.”

Liz shared how her personal journey somewhat mirrors her characters journey from the tormented Lilith to the redeemed Mary.

“The Lilith portion was very easy for me to connect with and portray because I was there, emotionally” Liz said.

“When I booked the role, I was in a state of depression.”

“I connected to her despair, and it was almost cathartic to play a lot of those scenes.” Liz Tabish

Booking the role of Mary and the life changing experience of being a part of The Chosen helped to give her a taste of what hope must have felt like for Mary.

“There was this very new optimism in my life that leant itself to some of those scenes”.

Loved by viewers all over the world, The Chosen has become the most successful crowd-funded entertainment project of all time. Liz thinks that’s in part due to how viewers see themselves represented in the characters.

“These are very relatable and very human characters that for so long have been maybe a little one dimensional and now suddenly they’re infused with this humanity and relatability.”

“That’s been the biggest and most exciting thing to hear from viewers.”

The Season 3 finale is in cinemas for two days only on Friday 3rd February and Saturday 4th February 2023. More information and locations can be found by visiting

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Check out the full interview with Steff and Liz Tabish in the video above.