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What Easter is all about and Why it Matters

You’ve finished setting up the campsite and you’ve had your fill of Easter eggs and now that you’ve got a moment to think, perhaps you’re wondering.. what is Easter all about?

By 96five Thursday 14 Apr 2022EasterReading Time: 2 minutes

What makes Easter so significant that we get a 4-day weekend to celebrate? Should we even be celebrating?

These are all great questions and you’re not alone if you’re asking them this Easter weekend.

Easter is all about love, forgiveness and new life for everyone.

96five’s Alex Milne will unpack the Easter message during our special Easter Services explaining how consequences exist when we break natural and physical laws and how it’s not dissimilar to the consequences of breaking God’s laws, what the Bible refers to as sin.

“God cannot have anything to do with sin and so when we sin we are effectively cut off from God, our Heavenly Father. Yet God doesn’t want that situation to continue. Enter Jesus, God’s son. On that first Good Friday, he suffered the consequences of our sin, of all sin for all time” – Alex Milne

Despite appearances, the Easter story is a good news story.

Want to learn more?

These videos from Alpha do a great job at explaining who Jesus is and why He died. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that help unpack the Christian faith which you can try yourself by visiting https://www.alpha.org.au/try

Who is Jesus?

Why did Jesus die?

Easter Broadcasts at 96five

Join us online or on air this weekend as we remember and celebrate Easter at 96five.

Good Friday

6:00am – Join 96five’s Alex Milne for a special Good Friday service. Inspirational music together with reflective yet hopeful insights and commentary, delivered to your lounge room, mobile device or car.

9:00am – Be encouraged with a special edition of Family Worship with Adam Schoenmaker from Oasis Church speaking about the life changing, world transforming news of Jesus.

Easter Sunday

6:00am – Easter Sunday on 96five begins with the nation-wide Wesley Mission Easter Sunrise Service, simulcast on Channel Nine and heard on 96five.

7:00am – Join 96five’s Alex Milne for a special Easter edition of ‘Sunday Celebration’! Alex will share thoughts and insights together with songs of inspiration and worship focussing on gratitude and thankfulness.

9:00am – The Easter celebrations on 96five continues with ‘Family Worship’. Join Adam Schoenmaker from Oasis Church and he shares good news stories that show us the power of the resurrection of Jesus.

Share your Easter experience with us

We always love connecting with you and we’d love to hear about your Easter. Whether you spent it with friends and family, tuning in to services with us or slightly overdoing it with the seafood – we’d love to hear from you via [email protected]