World Day of Prayer 2018 – Suriname

By Christie MannFriday 21 Jul 2017

World Day of Prayer is a worldwide movement that aims to bring together women of all races, cultures and traditions in a yearly common day of prayer. Although organised by women, all Christians are encouraged to participate.

This day focuses its attention on one country each year. The Christian women of that country write a prayer service for all to share in. They reflect on their country, their lives and challenges, and we join them to celebrate both our unity in Christ and our diversity in culture.

World Day of Prayer will fall on Friday, 2nd March 2018 and will focus on the women of Suriname in South America, with the theme being “All God’s Creation is Very Good”.


This year’s World Day of Prayer will be held for the women of Suriname. Image source:

More than three million people spread over 170 countries join in prayer, many contributing to a project to aid the country for which we are praying. About 220 prayer services will be held in Queensland on this day.

The unique part of World Day of Prayer is that in one 24 hour period, Christian prayers are focused on one country, and as one country goes to rest the next time zone is waking to carry the prayer on to the next country.

96five believes in the power of united prayer and will be participating in World Day of Prayer. If you want to join others in prayer, a list of the service locations will be available in the coming months.



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