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Looking for something more this Easter season?

By 96five Friday 23 Mar 2018

This time of the year, you can often find yourself asking some of the ‘big questions’ in life – Why am I here on this planet? What is my purpose? Who is this Jesus person? What is the meaning of Easter?

96five along with Alpha Australia is helping you have these conversations in a relaxed, judgement-free, friendly environment. With Alpha, you can meet locally with like-minded people in a series of interactive sessions that typically run over 11 weeks.

Alpha - Easter 2018

No dumb Questions!

You’re encouraged to freely express your ideas, thoughts and feelings when it comes to exploring life, meaning and the Christian faith.

There is no pressure, no follow-up – and no charge.

Take up the invitation, join the conversation and hopefully get some answers to your ‘big questions’ with 96five. Click here to search for an Alpha near you.

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