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Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes Are On Their Way!

By Justin RouillonWednesday 20 Nov 2019

Thanks Brisbane for your support of Operation Christmas Child!

The shoeboxes had been piling up in the 96five foyer for the last few weeks as listeners went about packing gift filled shoeboxes.  Those shoeboxes are now on the way to kids all over the world, and will bring smiles and joy to those who would otherwise miss out on a gift at Christmas.

96five was one of many drop off points around the city, and yesterday the team from Operation Christmas Child collected 341 shoeboxes to add to their tally!

OCC team member flexes muscles.

Loading shoeboxes is a great workout!

Next year Operation Christmas Child will be celebrating their 30th birthday, and have delivered a staggering 168 million shoeboxes to over 100 countries in that time.

The shoeboxes will bring hope to children who are affected by war, poverty, famine, natural disasters and sickness.

Whether you dropped off your shoebox at 96five or one of the other locations in Brisbane, thank you for showing kids in developing countries some love this Christmas.

Shoeboxes in trailer

314 shoeboxes left the 96five studios, en route to kids in developing countries.

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