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Karl Faase – Finding Inspiration in Your Inbox

The Olive Tree Media CEO has been heard on Australian radio for over a decade after starting his minute long spots on 96five - those thought provokers are now available free via email.

By Jess DrummondFriday 11 Mar 202296five DRIVEFaithReading Time: 2 minutes

For 10 years, listeners to Christian radio across Australia and internationally have heard words of encouragement and faith in bite-sized portions, via one-minute radio spots called “The Daily Nudge”.

These spots are voiced by Christian communicator and Olive Tree Media CEO Karl Faase, who is expanding the reach of ‘The Daily Nudge’ through devotional emails every weekday.

Karl said that he never imagined The Daily Nudge would progress as far as it has.

“When I was first asked to do some radio spots by 96five – they didn’t have that name then – I actually promised that I would do 40, and I thought that was a really big commitment!” he laughs.

Karl says the 24-hour news cycle and abundance of content on social media helps him to come up with his ideas. “Part of it is to have an eye or an ear that can pick up, ‘What could give people a nudge?’”

He agreed to do the radio spots because the idea resonated with his heart to help people find Jesus and take steps towards faith – in a way that isn’t complicated. “You don’t need to have a Ph.D to understand the message of Jesus.”

Having received frequent feedback from listeners about how helpful they find The Daily Nudge, Karl wants to make sure people can access the “nudges” intentionally and frequently, rather than “bumping into them” on the radio if they happen to be listening at the right time. This is how The Daily Nudge devotional emails came about.

“You can get a nudge in your inbox, Monday to Friday…it’s free – there’s no cost [or expectation]. Rather than just waiting and hoping you hear one on the radio, you can get a written version in your inbox each day.”

Karl says the emails have a special feature not contained in the radio spots.

“On a Monday we do one that’s wrapped around a Bible verse, which is not played on radio so it’s unique [to the email devotionals] – and then the rest of the week are different ones we’ve written recently and some of the ones we’ve written historically as well.”

Another benefit of the email devotionals is that they are easily shared electronically and on social media, and they are only about a minute’s worth of reading.

“[The email devotional content] is very digestible and pretty easy to read and speaks into your life as you are today. From ministry, to mums and dads, to medical professionals – they all find it helpful, and I find that really encouraging,” says Karl.

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