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96five’s Ken Green on How We Can Know the Bible Is Real

In a world filled with heavy skepticism and diverse beliefs and ideologies, the question of the Bible's authenticity arises frequently.

By Steff WillisWednesday 20 Mar 2024FaithReading Time: 3 minutes

Even as people of faith, we can still have questions and moments when we doubt and question.

Or perhaps we feel confident in our belief, but we struggle to articulate that to people when they have questions about faith.

Questions about faith and the bible are natural.

In fact, 96five’s Ken Green encourages curiosity when it comes to the Bible’s accuracy and validity.

Ken is the co-host of Brissy Brekky, 96five’s breakfast show and he also hosts Mind Made Matter, an apologetics podcast that helps connect reason to faith.

“Scripture encourages us to give a reason for why you believe” Ken said when he joined Steff and Micah for the latest episode of the 52Q podcast.

“I’ve always liked evidence. When I was at school, we had religious classes and it was almost like, ‘we’ve just done science, we’ve just done math, now leave your brain at the door and we’ll do religious studies’… but it’s not like that at all.”

For Ken, digging into the research, understanding the reasons behind our beliefs and being able to articulate them clearly and confidently is about ensuring our faith isn’t just blind faith.

Is the Bible Historically Accurate?

Ken outlined some of the historical evidence that supports the Bible’s credibility as a genuine document. He highlights the interconnectedness and intricacies of the Bible and the archaeological discoveries that continue to corroborate biblical accounts, affirming its historical accuracy.

“There’s never been a book like it” Ken said.

“When you really break it down, the Bible stands out with its cross-references and connections, showcasing a level of coherence that is unparalleled.” 96five’s Ken Green

Ken emphasises the importance of examining the perspectives of biblical scholars and the insights gleaned from archaeological findings. He underscores the consensus among scholars, both Christian and non-Christian, regarding key events such as the empty tomb of Jesus.

“The convergence of scholarly perspectives and archaeological evidence provides a robust foundation for considering the Bible’s authenticity.”

Embracing the Supernatural

Moving beyond historical validation, Ken delves into the supernatural realm, where the Bible’s divine origin is illuminated.

God gives us proof of his divinity through the prophecies spanning centuries, culminating in the arrival of Jesus Christ, who fulfilled over 300 of them.

“This is massive because it means we’ve got a rational God” Ken said.

“In the bible, God says, I’m going to show up… and I’m not just going to show up. I’ll prove it to you.

“He says, ‘I will give you prophecies over centuries. I will show you that I am not trapped in linear time, that I can see beyond you where you are right now. I can see outside of time’, which makes sense because he’s God who created time.

The statistical improbability of these prophecies being fulfilled by chance alone help to confirm their supernatural origin.

Ken went on to share about the reality of Jesus resurrection and encouraged those who are curious to dig deeper to not only validate the historical claims but to learn more about God and his reality in our lives.

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