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Feeling Stuck in Your Faith? Start With The Basics

In those uncertain moments, when we find ourselves in a rut and unsure of the way forward, how do we navigate and progress in our faith?

By Steff WillisThursday 15 Feb 202452Q with Steff & MicahFaithReading Time: 3 minutes

We’ve all been there. Our devotional life is feeling a bit dry, perhaps church has started to feel like going through the motions or maybe we’re really wrestling with our faith?

Essentially, we feel stuck.

Gary Miller, principal of Queensland Theological College, wants people to understand that feeling stuck is a common human experience.

“There have been times in life where I’ve felt stuck” Gary said.

“I mean, I can think of several times in my career where I just felt a little bit stuck and wasn’t sure where to go next.”

In the latest episode of the 52Q Podcast with Steff and Micah, they ask the question, ‘What do I do when I feel stuck in my faith?’ and joining them is Gary Millar.

Gary Millar is the principal of the Queensland Theological College, where he has been teaching biblical theology and preaching for the last 14 years. Gary holds a PhD from Oxford on Deuteronomy and has also worked as a pastor for over 17 years, whilst also writing numerous books on Christian living and theology.

Starting with the Basics & Navigating Discomfort

When it comes to feeling stuck in our faith, Gary suggests going back to the basics. Just like how a doctor asks basic questions when you’re not feeling well, we need to assess our spiritual well-being.

Are we regularly reading the Bible? Are we devoted to prayer? Are we actively involved in a community of believers?

“I think if the answer to any of those questions is no, then that gives us a good place to start.”

These fundamental practices can help strengthen our relationship with God and provide a foundation for growth.

“One of the challenges we face is that the world in which we live, encourages us to pay very close attention to our feelings.

“That can be a good thing… but it can also be a bad thing because feelings are so notoriously unreliable. I think sometimes feeling stuck can actually translate into this is feeling hard or this doesn’t feel like much fun.

“One of the things that I think we do need to remind each other of as Christians is that, actually sometimes being a Christian isn’t all that complicated… but it is just hard.

52Q Ep07 with Gary Millar - what do I do when I feel stuck in my faith?

The Power of Community

One powerful resource we have when feeling stuck in our faith is our community of believers.

Gary emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance from others who have walked a similar path and have more experience. He reminds us that we are part of the family of God and that supporting one another through the journey is essential. Sharing our struggles and seeking encouragement from trusted mentors can provide new perspectives and help us navigate through our challenges.

However, ultimately, the decision to press on in faith lies within ourselves. It involves choosing to embrace the gospel, even in the face of doubts and difficulties.

Feeling stuck in our faith is a normal part of the journey but by going back to the basics, seeking guidance from those who have more experience, and leaning on our community, we can find our way forward.

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