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How to be happy in your own skin

By Kathryn RichmondFriday 11 May 2018Family Worship

In her early 40’s Sandy Oswald’s life suddenly looked very different to how it had been for so long.

Her grown children had all flown the nest and after spending just over 20 years investing so much energy into the lives of her children, she was left wondering what was next.

“Who am I?  I’ve only been a wife, I’ve only been a mother….who am I?”

She has since put her energy into many different areas – pastoring at Citipointe Church, mission work in Fiji and The Solomon Islands, writing a kids devotional and a book – Smashed to Cashed, as well as speaking at conferences and workshops.

One thing Sandy struggled with in her past was that of low self-image.

“The lie of low self-image had infiltrated my life so much that I couldn’t believe that anyone else could see me as beautiful”.

In this special Mother’s Day edition of Family Worship, Sandy shares a message on being happy in your own skin.  Sandy believes there are three ways of being comfortable with who you summed up with 3 R’s.

  • Rejoice – Be thankful for what you have, and set aside time in your day to reflect and be thankful for your life.
  • Renew – get rid of that stinking thinking! Change your thought pattern from negative to positive.
  • Redefine – Redefine who you are – God want’s the best for you, where could you be and what could you do if you believed everything God said about his promises for you.

Sandy Oswald is married to Simon and together they are the Adults Pastors at Citipointe Church in Carindale.  Sandy has 3 grown children and 9 grandchildren, and loves family life in the best city in Australia – Brisbane!

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