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Tomorrow’s Leaders Hone Leadership Skills Through ISCF

Students from Brisbane Boys' College, Clayfield College and Somerville House attended an ISCF Leadership Conference, discussing Biblical leadership skills.

By Justin RouillonThursday 22 Aug 2019Christian LivingReading Time: 3 minutes

Last week students from Brisbane Boys’ College, Clayfield College and Somerville House met at a leadership conference, giving students the opportunity to discuss what leadership means as a Christian.

The Junior Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF) Conference is facilitated by the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA), and is now in its third year.

Brisbane Boys’ College in Toowong played host to the conference, which BBC Associate Chaplain Thomas McPherson said was aimed at developing leadership within a Christian framework.

Mr Thomas McPherson, Brisbane Boys’ College Associate Chaplain.

“It’s looking at leadership through the lens of the Bible, because the Bible has a lot of great wisdom to share about how to lead, how not to lead and ways in which we can encourage all kinds of people.”

Speaking with 96five Mr McPherson reflected on this year’s conference focus of teamwork.

“Good leaders need to be great followers, so that you can understand what the people you are leading may be going through.”

“So as a leader you can think about how you can help your team when they’re struggling, making sure you’re putting yourself in their shoes.”

Inspiring Students to Lead

Annabelle is a leader of the junior school at Somerville House and discovered the benefit of utilising other’s gifts and strengths in a group setting.

“As a leader I learnt that I should always be encouraging the younger students to put in their best effort, and to be a more confident person.”

(L-R) Ethan of BBC, Annabelle of Somerville House & Lucija of Clayfield College.

Lucija is from Clayfield College and spoke of the importance of listening to others when in a position of leadership.

“You can learn from other people, just because you’re a leader it doesn’t necessarily mean that you know everything.”

As one of the attendees from Brisbane Boys’ College, Ethan has found that a good leader looks out for those around them.

“You can help people when they are struggling or feeling bad.  When you’re feeling down a leader can help you to feel much better.”

Support From Parents

For parents like Pauline (Annabelle) and Amy (Lucija), it’s important to teach their daughters about the connection between healthy leadership and the Christian message.  Pauline said that attending the conference was a real opportunity for Annabelle to grow across all areas in her life.

“What she has learnt will help her faith grow, and also translate into her studies and family life.”

For Amy, the opportunity for Lucija to work with students from other schools will have long lasting benefits.

“It’s a fantastic initiative – the students get to experience different personalities, rather than what they see day to day.  Lucija came home with many stories to tell, and it’s good that this can continue.”

Brisbane Boys’ College, Clayfield College and Somerville House are administered by the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA), and the ISCF Leadership Conference is one of the ways the schools encourage their students to live out their faith. The ISCF programs across the three schools also join together for an annual camp, this year taking place in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

ISCF in Australia dates back to the 1940’s and operates in public and independent primary and secondary schools throughout the country.