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Duncan Barlow – Palm Sunday: Supernaturally Natural

By 96five Sunday 5 Apr 2020Family Worship

Family Worship On Demand – Sunday April 5th

Today is Palm Sunday and this weeks Family Worship message is brought to you by Duncan Barlow from the Laidley and Hatton Vale Uniting Churches.

Listen to Duncan’s message in the audio player above.

Duncan explores the Palm Sunday story of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, where excited crowds laid down palm fronds before Jesus, as told in Mark’s Gospel.

As Duncan explains in his message, the Palm Sunday story tells of God’s amazing power at work.

Duncan, his wife and two daughters moved to Laidley in 2018 to pastor the Uniting communities in Laidley and Hatton Vale.  Duncan has served in a variety of roles and locations, and included a stint with the Church Missionary Society in Indonesia.

Once the coronavirus crisis has passed, you would be more than welcome to visit the Laidley and Hatton Vale Uniting Churches, in the beautiful Lockyer Valley.  You’ll receive a very warm country welcome!

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