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Duncan Barlow – When Will God Answer My Prayer?

By 96five Sunday 28 Jun 2020Family Worship

Family Worship – On Demand Audio – Sunday June 28th

“If there’s one thing a person needs to learn about when moving from the city to a rural area, it’s rain and water.”

That’s Duncan Barlow, minister of the Laidley and Hatton Vale Uniting Churches in the Lockyer Valley.  It has been a common prayer for Duncan and his parishioners for God to please send rain to this drought affected area.

Duncan Barlow from the Laidley and Hatton Vale Uniting Churches.

But what happens when God doesn’t answer our prayers straight away?  Or not answered in the way that we were hoping?

Duncan explores these questions in this weeks Family Worship message.  You can listen in the audio player above.

If you enjoyed Duncan’s message, you can find more at the Laidley Uniting Church Facebook Page.  And as coronavirus restrictions start to ease and services resume, you’d be more than welcome to visit either the Laidley or Hatton Vale Uniting Churches.  You’ll receive a very warm, country welcome!

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