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Paul Clark – Give or Take

By 96five Sunday 17 May 2020Family Worship

Family Worship On Demand – Sunday April 17th 2020

In the ancient world, you knew who had the real power by their ability to take.  Whether it be property, a life or a nation, how much you could take was a sign of your strength and your power.

One man flipped that notion on its head when Jesus demonstrated his power by an ability to give.

In this weeks Family Worship message, Paul Clark explores the difference between being able to take and being able to give.  You can listen to the message in the audio player above.

Paul Clark from Redcliffe Uniting Church.

Paul is the minister at Redcliffe Uniting Church and is also heard regularly on 96five as the At The Top guy!

Redcliffe Uninting Church are currently live streaming their services each Sunday at 9am.  You can also dig into their digital archives on the Reverend Fun YouTube Page.

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