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Andrew McLennan – The Battle for the Bible

Andrew McLennan from the 17 Mile Church shares some stories from history and speaks about how we can create a daily Bible reading habit.

By 96five Sunday 18 Jul 2021Family WorshipChristian LivingReading Time: 1 minute

Throughout the years people who translated the Bible into the language of their own people have suffered persecution and personal attack.

From Jan Hus in 14th Century Bohemia, Martin Luther who helped birth the Reformation, and John Wycliffe who so angered the church with his English translation of the Bible, that 40 years after his death, his bones were dug up and burnt.

Andrew McLennan is the pastor of 17 Mile Church.

Andrew McLennan from 17 Mile Church explores this battle for the Bible over centuries, and discusses how we can create a daily Bible reading habit in our own lives.

You can listen to Andrew’s message in the audio player below.

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