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Derek Peters – Faith

How can we be secure in our faith and have confidence that are prayers are heard? Derek Peters explores the book of Hebrews to find out more.

By 96five Sunday 17 Oct 2021Family WorshipChristian LivingReading Time: 1 minute

The Bible says in Hebrews Chapter 11 that without faith it’s impossible to please God.

God loves us powerfully and there’s nothing that we can do to increase or diminish that love.  However the Bible is very clear that God can be pleased or displeased with us.

How can we live a life that brings us closer to God and pleases Him?  How can our families and communities also experience that great love of God?

In this week’s Family Worship message, Derek Peters speaks about faith and how we can sit with God and know that our prayers are heard.

Derek Peters from Gateway Baptist Church.

For 90 years Gateway Baptist has been sharing the life changing message of Jesus with people in their community, nation and world. Gateway is a church family where everyone who comes through the doors is welcome. Their main centre is in Mackenzie, but there are also Gateway campuses in Ormeau, the Redlands, Logan and the CBD.

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