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Skip Smith – Satisfaction [Podcast]

How can we find happiness and satisfaction in our lives? Skip Smith from Alpha Australia explores a passage from John to find out.

By 96five Sunday 13 Jun 2021Family WorshipChristian LivingReading Time: 1 minute

Have you noticed the recurring theme in life of people chasing happiness?

After a year where as a world where we’ve been restricted and limited social media has been lit up with new ways for us to find happiness.  Should happiness be the greatest goal in life?

Skip Smith is from Alpha Australia, and as he notes in this week’s Family Worship message – “you can’t make yourself happy by trying to make yourself happy.”

Skip Smith is part of the Church Engagement Team with Alpha Australia.

This search for satisfaction has been a consistent theme throughout the ages, and Skip shares the story from John chapter four, where Jesus shows us how he found satisfaction.

You can listen to Skip’s message in the audio player below.

The Alpha Australia team exists to serve and support churches in making disciples of Jesus Christ, leading to the evangelisation of the nations and the transformation of society.

Alpha is created to emphasise the essentials that all denominations agree on, and that everyone should have the opportunity to explore a relationship with Jesus, wherever they are in Australia and whatever their circumstances, for free.

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