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Christian Surfers Celebrate 45 Years

From humble beginnings in 1977, the organisation has now grown to a worldwide movement with missions on every continent.

By Justin RouillonThursday 31 Mar 2022Christian LivingReading Time: 2 minutes

Main Image: Christian Surfers founder Brett Davis rides the nose at Sydney’s Cronulla Beach in 1978 (Christian Surfers).

This April Christian Surfers will hold their National Gathering Conference and celebrate 45 years as an organisation that reaches out to the nation’s boardriders.

Brett Davis is the founder of Christian Surfers and told Graeme Burrill that the idea was first formed after finding faith at sixteen years of age.

“I was a teenager who grew up in the Sydney beachside suburb of Cronulla and as a sufer I gave my whole life and identity to surfing.  I came from an unchurched family so it was quite a shock when I met my first surfer who was a Christian.

“His life led me to Christ and in turn starting a Christian surfers group in my Mum’s lounge room, so it was very humble beginnings!”

With the formation of the Association of Surfing Professionals in 1982 came a worldwide explosion in surf culture, and the subsequent growth of Christian Surfers to Queensland, Victoria and from there to become a truly international organisation.

Brett said that he finds joy that the ministry has stayed true to its original vision – ‘that every surfer and every surfing community has opportunity to know and follow Jesus.’

“I love the fact that we’ve been an authentic expression of the gospel.  We don’t just do ministry to the community, we do ministry in the community and I’m proud of the way that’s expressed at a local level.

“I’m very touched by the way that we’ve been able to network across all manner of churches, denominations and various Christian groups, not only across Australia but globally.

“It’s been incredible the way that a surf ministry transcends different religions, different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds; in tough mission fields like Indonesia, Japan or Morocco, Christian Surfers has been able to have meaningful engagement through the medium of surfing.”

Christian Surfers have missions located on both the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Listen to the Graeme Burrill’s interview with Brett in the audio player above.  

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