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Be prepared for this bushfire season

By 96five Friday 25 Aug 2017

Article written by 96five Intern – Sha Robinson

It’s so easy to forget that when September rolls back around we are already in the thick of bushfire season (which officially starts in August). Here is a handy guide on how to prepare for the worst and safely enjoy the remainder of the year!

  1. Be aware!

It’s essential to be aware of the location where you live to understand the necessary steps to minimise risk. Some questions you should ask yourself are;

  • Is your home surrounded by bushlands?
  • Are you living on a slope?
  • Is there a history of bushfires in your area?
  • Do you have an up to date safety plan?
  • What is the Fire Danger Rating in your area?
  1. Make an emergency plan!

In order to minimise panic and confusion in potential emergency situations it is important to create an emergency plan. This should at least consider;

  1. Prepare Family/House Mates!

You want to make sure everyone in your home is on the same page and aware of plans and practices. Here are a few ways you can keep everyone in the loop;

  • Have some printed emergency plans in common areas (e.g. on the fridge, in the laundry, bathroom wall etc.)
  • Communication is essential so make sure you also verbalise any plans or changes in plans
  • Make sure everyone is aware of the fastest and safest exits from each part of the house
  • Stop! Drop! Cover! Roll!
  1. Educate yourself on fire safety!

Know how fire works! How to avoid smoke. Know what feeds and controls fires.

For more information visit the Brisbane City Council website and Department of Fire and Emergency Services website:


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