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A flash mob performance by Brisbane teachers goes viral!

By Christie MannWednesday 6 Dec 2017

A flash mob performed by primary school teachers at a Brisbane school has gone viral on Facebook reaching over 1,204,650 people and flooding the schools’ page with comments from as far away as Alberta, Canada.

The group of teachers at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School in Brisbane’s inner north treated students to a fun departing gift on the last day of the school year with a choregraphed performance to Busby Marou’s ‘Days of Gold’ at the school’s final assembly.

Sparked by the retirement announcement that long serving teacher, Mrs Forbes “just wants to dance”, one by one teachers launched into dance, accompanied by delighted cheering and laughter from the girls.

“Our students and staff work so tirelessly throughout the year. The flash mob presented an opportunity for the staff to share the passion and spirit that makes our community so special, and have a mountain of fun with the students, before embarking on holidays! It was an incredible experience; one that will stay etched in the memories of the students, and staff, for a long time to come!” said Primary Health and Physical Education teacher, Suzy Edwards who coordinated the event.

Students couldn’t contain their excitement and quickly picked up the moves, excitedly joining in on the activity.

Head of St Margaret’s Primary School Angela Drysdale said the teachers were enthusiastic to surprise the students.

“We all rehearsed for weeks leading up to the flash mob. Our teaching staff were very committed to the performance, determined to finish the school year on a high with the students, creating a fun and special memory,” said Angela.

Parents and friends have expressed their joy at seeing the teachers and students share this special conclusion to the academic year with many comments of thanks to the teachers for the enthusiasm and energy they bring to the school atmosphere.

The performance was filmed and posted to the school’s Facebook account and quickly gathered momentum with over 3,035 shares, 4,956 comments and 19,869 likes at the weekend. Commenters replying from as far afield as Canada “Not sure where you are but Alberta thinks you rock!” said Heather Dowhaluk from Two Hills, Alberta.

The comments continued, “That is so good. What a wonderful thing for those children to experience. They will now see their teachers in a different light. Congrats, teachers!”

“What a fabulous way to end the year. Obviously a very fun school where there is a unique rapport between the teachers and the children. What lucky girls to learn in such a loving, nurturing environment where girls are encouraged to be the best they can be. A very, very special group of educators.”

“Love it…music and dance makes you feel good. You could hear the excitement building as each teacher joined in. It was such a surprise to the children and they wanted to join in the fun. Beautiful…”

You can view the video on the 96five Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/96five/posts/1648831818473654

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