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Great Places for Discounted and Bulk Buying Meat in Brisbane

The Joy Project reveals the community secrets surrounding Brisbane's discount meat market. Discount tips on salami, pepperoni, bacon, kabana, ham and more!

By 96five NetworkTuesday 6 Jun 2017LifeReading Time: 3 minutes

This article has been supplied and reproduced with permission from Jo at The Joy Project, a 96five community contributor.

Here is a great little find one of the mums at school told me about. Hans factory outlet located at 79 McRoyale Street, Wacol.

Not only can you purchase all your small goods such as salami, pepperoni, bacon, kabana, ham and plenty of other continental small goods at discounted prices but they have a great range of all cuts of meat. Including beef, chicken, lamb and pork as well as a range of frozen goods, sauces and some spices.

We picked up some beautiful rib fillet steak, pork strips for a stir fry and some pork medallions.

They have weekly specials as well as their already discounted prices and are open 7am -4pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 2pm Saturdays.

So if you have a chance get out there and have a look.

We have another great place that you can get bulk discounted beef from. It is Spragge Beef.

They are located out of Brisbane and have beautiful grass fed beef that you can order and Andreas the owner of the company will have it delivered to your door all cut up and ready to bag up and freeze. Andreas is awesome – he will even offer to stay and help you bag up the meat.

You can order anywhere from a 1/4 of a beast to a whole one. even if a 1/4 is too much you can split it with another family. Andreas has an order form that gives you all the cuts of meat available and if there are any you don’t want you can choose to have it turned into mince or sausages. Generally a 1/4 is about 50 kilos of meat. The weight is called hot weight which means they include the bones in the weight but the price is so cheap it still works our more economical than the shops and is much better quality beef.

You can contact Andreas on 0427 154 412. If you are going to try his meat which we get all the time. I also recommend you ask him for some of his bacon it is amazing. He also does whole lambs as well.

Now if you are looking for some delicious free range pork  (yep – antibiotic and chemical free) then we have the awesome Tiallari Trotters, these guys are local farmers here to the west of Brisbane and they raise their pigs to the highest standards, which means it tastes so yummy!! They also have lamb raised with as much love and care as the pigs.

If you would like to order with them you can do so on their site and then pick it up from one of the farmers markets they go to,now if you live between Warwick and Toowoomba and you order over $50 they will deliver for you. They do bulk orders down to small orders and everything in between so give them a call.

If you are looking to order a Christmas ham from these guy, then you will need to do this in the next couple of weeks before November

Another fabulous place on the Northside is Jack Purcell Meats at 49 Pritchard Road, Virginia. The guys are fabulous and when we lived at Albany Creek years ago this is where we got all our meat. Thank you also to Karen one of our fabulous Joy Readers who has let us know that on a Monday or Tuesday if you have a loyalty card you can get an extra 10% of the already fabulous price they have.

Don’t forget there is also the Super Butcher who have several stores throughout Brisbane and always have amazing deals. Click on the link to find your nearest store.

You can sign up for their newsletter which will let you know of all the amazing deals for the week. These guys stock everything and are great for ordering your Christmas Turkey.

Thanks to 96five community contributor The Joy Project.

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