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Kallangur Water Tower Showing True Community Spirit!

By 96five Thursday 20 Jul 201796five Afternoons

Article written by 96five Intern – Amber Mostert

Those living in the Kallangur region may have noticed a drastic transformation to the Kallangur Water Tower that has overlooked communities for decades.

Over time the highly visible Kallangur Water Tower has become a target of graffiti. Community members and Unitywater worked together to transform this concrete structure into the most amazing artwork! 

For Unitywater, community involvement is extremely important during the artwork design process. While creation of the artwork takes only a couple of weeks, the design process can take up to eight months!

During this design process Unitywater worked with the community to communicate their values into the artwork. The final design, Symbiosis, represents the heart and spirit of Kallangur and features a large cockatoo flying high in the sky above a landscape of grass trees. If you look closely, you can see the black cockatoo is bringing rain, symbolising new growth and regeneration. Check out Unitywater’s time lapse video below of the creation process!

Kallangur Water Tower artwork timelapse

Watch the #KallangurWaterTower come to life! This timelapse video shows the amazing artwork from start to finish! Thanks again to our awesome artists! Jugglers Art Space Brightsiders

Unitywater 发布于 2017年7月12日

The community were united in support of the artwork.

Kate Cash, Unitywater’s Community Relations Specialist caught up with 96five’s Arthur Muhl to discuss the project and the extent of the community’s involvement. “There’s eight months of work where we sit down and meet with community members in shopping centers, at communities, in group meetings, at schools and we ask them to tell their stories and share their ideas,” Ms Cash said.

“Through that process people become truly engaged. They start to tell us what they would like to see, we learn about the history of their region, what’s important to them and through a very diplomatic process the artwork is chosen.”

Kallangur water tower

This is the fifth asset Unitywater has decorated with art and they are currently assessing future sites. Why not head out this weekend for a drive where you can appreciate the beautiful artwork located at Carruthers Park in Kallangur.


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