Philadelphia Pizza Shop gave 150,000 Pizza Slices to the Homeless

Pizza shop has served over 150,000 free slices of pizza to homeless

By 96five Network Contributors Tuesday 5 Dec 2017

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania isn’t just your ordinary pizza shop. For most of the customers, a slice of pizza is free.

Owner Mason Wartman says they serve between 50-100 homeless people every day as part of a pay-it-forward initiative that began about three years ago.

The way it works is heartwarming and inspiring: through the day, paying customers can donate a dollar a slice for somebody in need, using a post-it note system to track redeemable pizza slices.

The community has given away more than 150,000 free slices.

“A simple pizza shop can be a really powerful force and really enrich lives”, Wartman says.

Food satisfies the stomach but it’s kindness that truly touches the heart and soul.

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