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Old Chapel’s journey from outback QLD to Sunnybank

By Christie MannMonday 31 Jul 2017

St Thomas More College at Sunnybank has just moved a lovely old chapel from outback Queensland to the school. The plan is to completely restore the chapel and integrate it back into the school community.

The seed to move an older chapel to the school site started about seven, eight years ago with the principal at the time Chris Noonan, who in his master planning had a vision to have a chapel on the school grounds, serving the school community.

Originally a Catholic Church, the little chapel made the journey earlier this year from North Cooranga, a little town north of Dalby and south of Kingaroy, in the pocket of mountains on the left hand side of the Bunya Mountains.

Hear the full interview and story with current St Thomas More College Principal Les Conroy – speaking with 96five’s Justin Rouillon.

Footage in this story kindly provided by St Thomas More College Sunnybank and True AU. https://tv.trueau.com http://www.stmc.qld.edu.au/Pages/default.aspx

For more information about St Thomas More College visit their website.

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