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Susy Used to Hide from Work; Now It Means the World to Her

By Duncan RobinsonTuesday 4 Jul 2017

Imagine having to work a job that you couldn’t do, in an environment where you struggled day-in, day-out.

Imagine finding work so hard you hid in the toilet hoping for the end of the day to come.

Would you ever go back again?

Susy’s first job was just that. She struggled day-in and day-out in a job that just didn’t suit her talents. So much so she quit for three years before finding the right job. Susy now happily works on team at the House With No Steps. Through supported employment, she is enjoying her work and feels empowered.

Susy has Down Syndrome, and the first step to helping her come out of her shell, was employers understanding and listening to her. Her life has been transformed because of House with No Steps. With support, she has recently completed her Certificate III in Process Manufacturing. But the achievement she is most proud of is being named Employee of the Year in her fifth year at House with No Steps.

Satisfied: Susy from House With No Steps.

Satisfied: Susy from House With No Steps.

“My job means the world to me,” she says. “I love coming here every day. Everyone is my friend. Without my job… it would be me staying at home and being a potato person.”

Joanne Monk from House With No Steps says that people with a disability often question themselves and their own abilities, because of their life experiences, and because they haven’t had opportunities to discover what they’re capable of. But they have much to offer.

“It’s so rewarding to see them just truly happy with themselves, having the satisfaction of a good day’s work,” Joanne says.

With the right support, people with disabilities can develop their abilities, make new friends, experience the satisfaction and pride of paid work, and make a great contribution.

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To find out how you can support more people like Susy, head to the House with No Steps website.

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