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Why you need to stop lying to yourself!

By 96five Friday 20 Apr 201896five Afternoons

It’s a scary thought to think that most of us lie to ourselves.

We what? Yes, we lie to ourselves – and we all do it to some extent.

Life coach, Author and Speaker Jonathan Doyle says many of us often want to change, but we refuse to do the work necessary – and so we lie to ourselves to make us feel better in our comfort.

But Jonathan says that if we don’t start getting a little uncomfortable, we’ll shrink back into places we don’t want to be. So, what is his advice to help us stop lying to ourselves?

  1. Decide what you fundamentally want.

Oftentimes, it can be difficult to discern what it is that we truly want. This only becomes more complicated when we haven’t been honest with ourselves about what that is in a long time. Telling yourself that you are ok with how a situation presents itself, or about your current circumstances stops growth before it has the chance to start, and it is only by acknowledging our true goals and desires in life that we can begin to move closer towards them.

  1. Acknowledge what you want to change.

A goal has been decided upon, but now how to achieve it? As we all know, making something you want to happen is easier said than done, and after acknowledging that you want something the first difficult decision arises. Deciding what to change.

  1. Change your relationship to pain.

The basic movements of human behaviour are geared around pain and pleasure and as such we generally tend to avoid painful experiences and seek out those which will give us pleasure. As 96five’s Timothy Charles adds though, on the other hand we need to realise that discomfort is oftentimes necessary for our growth.

  1. Understand there is a cost involved in any personal growth.

Hearing difficult things about ourselves is painful. Nobody wants to have to do it. However, in order to grow, it is a pain we must encounter in order to move forward and improve ourselves.

You can hear Jonathan’s full chat with 96five’s Timothy Charles about this topic above!

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