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Today, Just Today I’d Like to Pop Home Again

Moving away from home can be hard, missing friends and family. The Joy Project talks about getting homesick and the want to pop home just for a day.Moving away from home c

By 96five Monday 9 Jul 2018LifeReading Time: 3 minutes

This article has been supplied and reproduced with permission from Sarah at The Joy Project, a 96five community contributor.

Have you ever had one of  those days when you wake up and long to just pop home, just for today.

To catch up with that dear friend you miss so much, to pop in and give your parents a hug, to nip into your favourite coffee shop back home, and stand in line for that delicious blueberry muffin you ate for so many years along with that dreamy flat white that just doesn’t taste the same here?

It’s not that you want to move home, but just to pop back, to dip your toe in that old life you left behind to travel all these thousands of miles to live here in beautiful Brisbane. To hug those that you love and left behind, not just Skype or Facetime them with all that involves ( or is that just me ? )

” Can you hear me now?”

” Oh you’re frozen again”

” Nope, I’ve lost you”

” Oh your back again ”

To drive down the highway and turn into your old driveway. To go into the shop that always had a special little something, that was just perfect for you, hidden on the clearance rail. To take your time on a cold winters day, in a cosy country Pub, eating a delicious Sunday roast. Or sit for hours on a summers evening with a cold drink and those gorgeous friends of yours, laughing until last orders is called.

Do any of you feel like you would like to just reach your hand across the oceans to grasp a little of what you loved and left behind to come to these shores, even if just for a few hours.

I know I do.

and yet does that mean I’m going mad ? ( haha some of you who know me may well say yes ? )

Does that mean I’m so homesick and stuck in the past ?


It means I am truly blessed ! blessed beyond measure .

To have all these amazing memories, to have all these gorgeous people I love so much and who have all been part of my life and who still are.

To have had the opportunity to come to this amazing place and to experience life and all the adventures it holds.

For all of us who have travelled so far to come to and live where we do, and in fact if you have moved anywhere away from a life you held dear and loved, to a new home. There will always be a part of your heart that you leave behind, that you leave with those you love, that you leave in your old driveway of the home that held so many precious times.

So when you have days when these thoughts come crowding in and memories come lining up, all jostling for position in your memory. Don’t send them packing, take a moment and enjoy them. Go down memory lane with them, laugh as you remember that summers evening in the Pub, taste that delicious dinner again that someone you loved used to make. Remember those crisp fall mornings and the colour of those leaves of reds and gold, as they fall to earth and create a carpet fit for royalty.

Then turn around and walk out again, back into all that is in front, and look forward to what is happening in your world today in your new home, with your new favourite coffee shop, reach out to new friendships and create some new memories with those new faces.

Its not easy this moving thing !!! and yes it takes time to settle in and feel at home wherever you have moved to.

And there are times when the homesickness may well be more than you can handle alone and there is help out there.

Check out our previous blogs on that.

Enjoy those memories lovelies, they are part of you and who you are and thats what makes you special and unique.

Thanks to 96five community contributor The Joy Project.

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