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Donna Dyson’s Koala Lullaby Kicks Off Save the Koala Month

Brisbane composer and songwriter Donna Dyson has gifted a sweet koala lullaby to the Australian Koala Foundation to help launch Save the Koala Month.

By 96five Friday 2 Sep 2022EnvironmentReading Time: 2 minutes

September is Save the Koala Month and this year the Australian Koala Foundation has launched with a sweet Koala Lullaby by Australian composer and educator, Donna Dyson.

“Although the Koala Lullaby was created to encourage children to go to sleep, we adults must stay wide awake to ensure koalas and their habitats are protected forever,’’ Donna says.

“I hope the lullaby will bring some awareness and joy during Save the Koala Month and all year long for our fuzzy friends!”

Donna aims to develop literacy skills in children through her music.

Koala Lullaby can be heard here, and globally on all streaming platforms.

Throughout September, Koala lovers from across the world are encouraged to dig deep for the beloved Australian animal. The annual fundraising month enables the Australian Koala Foundation to undertake vital work such as the Koala Kiss Project which aims to connect Koala habitats throughout Australia.

“Habitat loss remains the biggest threat to the Koala, and much of it is extremely fragmented,” says Australian Koala Foundation Chair Deborah Tabart OAM.

“The AKF has spent more than 24 years studying Koala habitats and we believe the Koala Kiss Project which will join separate areas of habitat (kiss points), to create one contiguous corridor from Cairns to Melbourne will help mitigate habitat loss.

“This is a long-term project and one we hope will one day see the Koala as well as other Australian wildlife have safe homes for generations to come.”

Save the Koala Month is the AKF’s main fundraising arm as it receives no government funding.

“This year, we hope supporters everywhere will show their love for Koalas and think of some innovative and exciting fundraising ideas,’’ Ms Tabart said.

If you’d like to get on board with Save the Koala month here’s a few ideas on how you can get involved.

Follow the ‘30 Days, 30 Ways to Save the Koala’ campaign for Save the Koala Month.

Download a COVID-safe fundraising pack.

Learn more about the Australian Koala Foundation’s work.