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The Buzz – Wez Hone on Digital Content & Marketing

Business Coach Wez Hone was the special guest at 96five's The Buzz; an event for like minded businesses to connect, grow and learn.

By Justin RouillonWednesday 4 Sep 2019Finance and BusinessReading Time: 2 minutes

It was a full house last night at The Buzz – 96five’s business networking event.

100 members of the Brisbane business community met at the Victoria Park Garden Marquee in Herston to hear a special presentation from business coach Wez Hone.

Wez started his first business in his Reading schoolyard in the UK.  He was cashing in on the latest craze of juggling, all until his headmaster found out and put a stop to the trade immediately!  How’s that for a hostile takeover!

After more than 20 years in business Wez is now coaching his private clients, running the Kingdom Business Network, speaking at seminars and writing.  He has authored the books Supernatural Business and Supernatural Thinking, and is the founder of Business GREENhouse.

Wez Hone speaking at 96five’s The Buzz.

Wez addressed the attendees on the importance of being ubiquitous – that is to be seemingly everywhere.

“It’s never been easier, and it’s never been cheaper to take your message and broadcast it to the masses.”

Speaking on how an organisation can achieve cut through, Wez said that it was crucial for a business to refine down their core message into something that can be marketed once.

“If you’re already on (digital) platforms and it’s not working then I would suggest it’s probably a message issue.  So, you do need to take a step back and ask what is my core message?  In the world we live in you can create an ad, push it out and by tomorrow find out if the market engaged with it.”

Content is King

Wez also spoke on the need for businesses to create content to grow engagement through social media platforms.

“The name of the game in 2019, is your ability to put out content.  How you drown out the noise of your competitors is by putting out content, at scale, and I’m talking a lot!”

“The Buzz” is an initiative of 96five to create a place for like-minded business people to meet, connect and learn concepts to strengthen and build their businesses.  The next Buzz event will take place in early 2020.