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New Financial Year an Opportunity to Kick-Start Money Goals

Nathan Buttigieg is the Chief of Operations and Product at Christian Super, and provides some tips on being intentional with our money.

By Jess DrummondWednesday 7 Jul 202196five DRIVEFinance and BusinessReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: Jess Drummond speaks with Nathan Buttigieg from Christian Super about how to get your money working for you.

With a new financial year now underway, we’re being encouraged to consider what we are trying to achieve with our money and how to steward it well.

Nathan Buttigieg is the Chief of Operations and Product at Christian Super, and spoke to 96five’s Jess Drummond about how to be intentional and stay on track with our money over the next twelve months.

Nathan Buttigieg from Christian Super.

With God giving us the opportunity to work and have good health, Nathan said that it’s our job to steward what we receive from that.

“I think the start of a financial year’s a great opportunity to think, what should I be aiming towards, for the end of the financial year, in twelve months’ time, and set some realistic goals on what that might look like.

“You might want to pay off your credit card debts and just be in a situation where you’re no longer in debt, or maybe you’re saving up for a home deposit or a giving goal.

“Maybe you just want to make additional mortgage repayments, or you might want to pay down your mortgage to a certain amount.

“Or indeed if you’re approaching retirement, you want to make additional contributions to your super.”

Nathan says once we decide on what we’re aiming for, we need to give ourselves a pathway to achieve our goals.

“You decide what you want to try to achieve for the year, and then you try to break it down into a month-by-month amount, so you can actually know you’re on track.”

Nathan also encourages us to automate the processes if possible.

“If that means creating a new account within your bank and having money automatically transferred there, then do that up-front work to help you achieve those goals, and at the end of the year you can be in a position where you can feel successful through the little steps you take along the way, because you don’t get there in one big jump.”

Nathan says it’s important to discern how God is calling us to use our finances at our stage of life, whether it’s for giving or setting ourselves up for retirement to have more flexibility.]

*The advice in this article is general in nature and each person should consider their own individual financial circumstances.

Christian Super can provide some advice, particularly around superannuation funds, or guidance on how to find an adviser to help you understand your circumstances.

You can contact Christian Super at 1300 360 907 or at their website.

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