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Foodbank Hunger Drive – $1 Provides Four Meals for Queenslanders

The Foodbank Hunger Drive is here to help thousands of children and hardworking mums and dads in Queensland who are going hungry.

By Nicky BeckerThursday 8 Sep 2022FoodReading Time: 2 minutes

Have the words, “I’m hungry” ever come out of your mouth?

Maybe you skipped breakfast or lunch and then you found yourself in front of the fridge, grabbing a sandwich.

Unfortunately, many Queenslanders, due to rising cost of living, are skipping more than just breakfast or lunch. More and more families are struggling to feed themselves and are reaching out to food relief charities for support.

According to Foodbank, 1 in 6 adults in Australia haven’t had enough to eat in the last year.

Unfortunately, food relief charities are struggling to meet the demand and feed families in need of support. To support struggling food relief charities and families in need, Foodbank Queensland is urging Queenslanders to participate in its annual Hunger Drive campaign from 1–30 September 2022.

Foodbank Hunger Drive

Source: Supplied (Foodbank)

96five’s Ken and Nicky caught up with Foodbank Queensland Chief Executive Sara Harrup to hear about the importance of the September Hunger Drive and the work of Foodbank.

“I think we have to have safety nets to help people when they fall on hard times” Sara said.

“People need to access help in a way that still preserve their dignity, their nutritional needs so it’s not just providing any old food or just dictating to people what they should eat.”

“It’s actually providing choice and a range of foods to eat.”

“There’s a lot of stigma and shame for people, even just in the process of asking for help so we need to make healthy meals easy to access”

During September, a long-term donor of Foodbank Queensland will be matching all donations made to the Hunger Drive. That means, every dollar donated to the Hunger Drive will generate four meals to help fight hunger and provide food relief to charities and families who need it most.

Queenslanders can get involved with the Hunger Drive throughout September by setting a fundraising challenge at home, schools, and workplaces. This can include donating your monthly coffee fund, giving up your favourite food or committing to a fitness goal.

For more information on Hunger Drive or to get involved, visit