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Winter Weight Gain

By 96five Friday 29 Jun 2012

If the onset of chilly weather sees you reaching for some warming comfort food, well you’re not alone. Two out of five Aussies say they’re expecting to add a couple of extra ‘winter kilos’ this year, with hearty winter fare the top choice  for warding off the winter blues.

Nutritionist and Dietician, Dr Joanna McMillan, says humans go into a kind of ‘hibernation’ during the winter months, where we  crave energy dense foods. “There’s no doubt people spend more time  indoors during winter. It’s hard to find motivation for exercise when it’s  dark, cold and wet outside,” says Dr Jo. “We’re not moving nearly as much, and we have a tendency to indulge more in hearty, kilojoule rich foods. And if you over-indulge, you’re going to end up putting on the kilos.”

Listen here as Dr Jo explains the tendency towards winter weight gain, and what we can do to avoid it:


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