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Frightening statistics around Violence – how you can #dosomething

By 96five Contributors Wednesday 9 May 2018

By: Warren Nunn

May is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention month with Channel 7’s Kay McGrath, 96five and other media organisations across the state getting behind the social media tag #dosomething.

But what does domestic violence mean to you? Or how do you think it impacts families? There are many sobering statistics about the extent of domestic violence which underscores how critical this initiative is.

For instance, did you know that one in six Australian women has experienced violence at the hands of their partner? Or that one in 17 men have likewise been affected? Or that in 2016-17 there were 72,000 women, 34,000 children and 9,000 men who sought homelessness services due to domestic and family violence?

The social media tag #dosomething rightly goes along with Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s bystander campaign that encourages everyone to “do something” if they are concerned that someone they know could be a domestic violence victim.

On 96five, you will hear Channel 7’s Kay McGrath endorsing the station’s involvement in the campaign along with special guests sharing their stories and experiences.

The campaign gives advice on the “when” and “how” of getting help for victims.

To find out more, go to the website:

In 2015, a special Queensland taskforce produced a report called Not Now, Not Ever: Putting an end to domestic and family violence in Queensland. It is seen as a blueprint for tackling the widespread impact of domestic violence.

Here are some helpful links:



For churches or organisations wanting to equip their staff and volunteers on how to help in the area of Domestic & Family Violence –

Sexual Assault Helpline: 1800 010 120

About the author: Warren Nunn has been a journalist for more than 40 years. For 27 years until 2013, he worked at Queensland’s main daily newspaper The Courier-Mail.

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