Help Others With Suicide Prevention & Mental Health

By 96five Friday 10 Aug 201896five Afternoons

Unfortunately, suicide impacts many thousands of Australian families every year and did you know that more Australians take their own life through suicide than are killed in car accidents each year.

Despite many government and mental health initiatives, programs and resources aimed at reducing suicide, people are still taking their own lives. While it is difficult to identify a good theory explaining why we believe there’s a strong spiritual and philosophical dimension to this trend.

Suicide is everyone’s business.  It is vital we all need to be more confident and have a narrative in dealing with family, friends and work colleagues who may be suffering with grief, depression and suicidal tendencies.

Focus on the Family Australia have been running “Born Survivors” as an in-person training course, but have now opened it up to everyone in the form of an online micro course which aims to give an overview and easy to understand principles surrounding suicide prevention and mental health.

“People are more likely to share (their mental struggles) with a peer than seek professional help”

“Born Survivors” is an online tool for everyone. It will help you understand principles surrounding suicide prevention and mental health. It takes approximately 35-45 minutes and can be completed in your own time and pace.

96five’s Tim Bain recently spoke to Brett Ryan, CEO of Focus on the Family Australia and you can hear the full interview above.

To learn more and to sign up for the free course head to the Focus on the Family Australia website.


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