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Embracing Change – Hayley Wilson on Adjustment [Audio]

By 96five Wednesday 8 Apr 202096five Afternoons

We are all being forced to change the way we do life at the moment.

Whether its work, home life, exercising, everything around us has changed.  As many of us struggle with the ensuing turmoil of changed plans and lives turned upside down, the big possibility is that we resist the changes that have been forced on us.

Listen to Hayley chatting with Tim Charles in the audio player above.

Hayley Wilson is from Love Yourself Healthy and told 96five’s Tim Charles that it is possible to embrace change.

“We’ve all been placed in a position that we didn’t choose to be in, so there is a bit of resistance around this force that has created this space.  We need to look at how we process our emotions, but also taking stock and asking – what is my reality now, and how can I best move through this reality.”

She said that to adequately adjust to our new reality, balancing emotions and clear communication is going to be critical for households.

“Ask each other what we each need to achieve and how are we willing to work together?  What we did in our family was working out schedules for learning for the children, but also ‘When I’m Feeling’.  So when I’m feeling sad, anxious, angry or lonely this is how best you can help me.  So then you know what is required in each persons time of need – this will help reduce tension.”

Hayley also said in these times where things seem to change daily, focusing on things we are grateful for can help keep us grounded, and those emotions in check.

“Even though this is what I’m feeling at the moment, what can I be grateful for right now.  Understanding that we all have our own (differing) experiences at the same time will help empathy to flow.  Instead of saying this is what I want, ask what do we need as a collective to move forward.”

You can keep up to date with Hayley and find more tips on healthy living at her Facebook page.

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