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Sally Thibault On Hitting Reset [Audio]

By Justin RouillonWednesday 13 May 202096five Afternoons

While some restrictions are starting to ease, we have no idea how long we will be living with some of the changes that COVID-19 has forced on us.

Sally Thibault is a life coach, author and speaker and told 96five’s Tim Charles that hitting the reset button on our lives will help us thrive in this season.

Listen to Sally chatting with Tim Charles in the audio player above.

She has identified four main areas that we need to focus on, the first being our health and wellbeing.

“Find a way to reset your health button; how much water are you drinking, choose a green juice once per day or improve your eating habits with a plant based meal once per week.”

The second area we need to look at is closely linked to the first.

“Discover how you like to exercise – are you walking, are you challenging yourself with some strength-based activities like push-ups?  We know that increasing our fruit and vegetable intake along with exercising more will boost our immune system.  Coming into winter that’s really important.”

Relationships are critical in our lives and this is the next thing on Sally’s list.

“I’m hearing from a lot of people that they’re really valuing those family relationships even more, especially parents spending more time with the kids.  For me, my mother is in a nursing home so I haven’t been able to visit as much as I would like.  It’s really about looking at the importance of the relationship, and what value we put on that.”

The last area Sally says we need to hit reset on is our mental health and finding ways to reduce stress in our lives.

“This is a great time to look at some stress management techniques like journaling, meditation or prayer.  Look at ways that you have ignored stress in the past – ways that you can support your mental well being is just as important as our physical well being.”

Sally Thibault is a wellness and life coach, blogger, speaker, author and host of the Reclaim You Podcast.  She has spent over three decades working in the field of health, counselling and personal development.

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