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The Long Haul: Richard Fay on Hanging In There [Audio]

As we settle in for the long haul during this coronavirus pandemic, Richard Fay discusses how we can hang in there even when there;s no end in sight.

By Justin RouillonThursday 16 Apr 202096five AfternoonsHealth and WellbeingReading Time: 2 minutes

As we all settle into our new reality amidst a global pandemic, many are understandably asking the question – ‘when will this end?’

Richard Fay presents the 96five ‘Secret From The Shed’ series and is also the CEO of the Centre For Men and Families.

Richard Fay

Listen to Richard chatting with Timothy Charles in the audio player above.

He told Afternoons host Timothy Charles that although circumstances may have changed, that routine is the perfect way to deal with an uncertain future.

“Stick with a daily routine and be settled in it.  The days become months if you have a settled routine and you don’t vary from it.  Don’t fall into that trap that if you no longer have an hour long daily commute that you don’t need to exercise, walk, sit quietly – yes you do, get into that steady routine.”

Richard says that another key is to start dreaming, but not necessarily about the immediate future.

“What will it look like in a years time?  It’s April 2021 what will that look like for me?  Start dreaming about next year but not this year.”

Our mindset is another way to stay focused on staying the course as we move through this pandemic.

“Don’t keep looking at the news hoping for a vaccine, because then you pin your emotional stability on something that is out of our control.  Every single day the little choices we make about how we see this reality affects the big picture down the track.  We become victims or victors depending on how we see our reality.”

Richard is the CEO of the Centre for Men, has a background as a pastor and spent many years in the corporate sector. He has a masters in counselling and a diploma in ministry, and has a heart to champion men, women, marriages and families. Richard is married to his wife Judy and has three sons.