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96five SOS for Family Doing it Tough

By Haylie PriceFriday 30 Sep 201696five Breakfast

This past year has become a struggle for Tracy and her family of nine.

With her husband unable to work, the loss of her baby boy at the beginning of this year and her Grandmother shortly after, we have decided to give Tracy a call to let her know Brisbane cares.

After living in an unsuitable area, Tracy has decided it best they move, to better the lives of her and her whole family. Ken Nicky and Steve, from It’s A Good Morning, gave her a call to try and help make the move a bit easier for Tracy and her family.

Listen to her reaction below and hear the voice of someone who’s life has been changed.

Thank you to our station sponsors NRE Maintenance and  Hire a Hubby for their generous help and contributions towards this deserving family.

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