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130,000 sausages & 5,400 litres of pancake mix – 15 year’s of school breakfast program

Bracken Ridge SHS celebrated 15 years of their breakfast club this week! The chappy & volunteers have put on breakfast for the students for 15 years!

By 96five NetworkThursday 27 Jul 2017Inspirational StoriesReading Time: 2 minutes

Bracken Ridge State High School are celebrating 15 years of their breakfast club…with a huge breakfast!

As part of Bracken Ridge’s Chaplaincy Program, the school Chaplain and volunteers have put on breakfast every Wednesday morning for 15 years! The students are given a huge spread of food to start their day, including a sausage sizzle, pancakes and fruit.

Principal & Chappy of Bracken Ridge State High School

To celebrate the past 15 years, Bracken Ridge’s principle Mr. Akinson and Chaplin Trudy invited all the volunteers back for a big breakfast to commemorate. Chaplin Trudy has seen huge changes in the kids. She told 96five, that the breakfast “gives the students a great start for the day. So those children that don’t have food access at home, they’re more than welcome to just grab a snag and it not be obvious that there is a need – just come in, grab a free snag and head off.”

Bracken Ridge High School have had 30 – 40 volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy towards these breakfasts over 15 years.

Volunteers like Kev and Pam have been involved with the breakfasts for many years! Pam, has been involved from the beginning in 2002 and has loved watching the breakfast make an difference in the lives of the students. “Your just glad that your able to do something for them,” Pam told 96five.

Mr. Andrew Boardman from Scripture Union says that the breakfast program is a great way for chaplains to connect with kids. Through programs like the morning breakfast, chaplains are able to support the kids with any issues they are going through and celebrate their achievements. “The kids really benefit from it,” Principle Rodger Akinson told 96five. “They can relate to someone other than a teacher to help them through their issues,” Mr. Akinson said.

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