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Assistance Dog Australia Graduation Day!

By 96five Thursday 21 Sep 201796five Afternoons

It’s graduation day with a difference for these cute guys. Today in Queen Street Mall, the class of 2017 will NOT be receiving diplomas or degrees, but delicious treats!

It is a proud day for Assistance Dogs Australia as their pups become fully qualified assistance dogs! Tim McCallum and his assistance dog Roxy, have been the MC for the graduation ceremony for a number of years.

Tim told 96five’s Arthur Muhl just how important his first Assistant Dog was to him and his family. “It just changed my life, but not only my life, but my whole families life” said Mr McCallum.

MC Tim and his Assistance Dog Roxy at last year’s Brisbane Graduation

The day was a celebration of all the achievements of the pups and carers. These special carers have dedicated their time and love for two years to help the pups become qualified Assistance Dogs.

Visit Assistance Dogs Australia for more information. Make sure you watch the news tonight because no one can go past dogs like these!




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