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SOS Update – Malcolm & Michelle Renew Wedding Vows in Emotional Ceremony

By Justin RouillonMonday 27 Jul 2020SOS

Main Image: Malcolm, Michelle and family – Greg Taylor Photographer

Last month we brought you the beautiful story of Malcolm and Michelle Covele, who were determined to renew their wedding vows despite a devastating MND diagnosis.

The couple have six children, and have also fostered 80 children, providing respite and long term care.

It’s clear the couple have a passion to support and inspire the next generation, with Malcolm having worked as a chaplain in schools throughout the Ipswich region.

On the weekend Malcolm and Michelle were able to fulfill their dream, renewing their wedding vows in front of family and friends.


Struggling to hold back tears, an emotional Michelle told Malcolm during the service that her love for him was eternal.

“You Malcolm are my best friend and soulmate, I’ve loved you since the day I met you. There’s no greater feeling in life to have your best friend by your side every single day.”

96five would like to thank Greg Taylor Photographer and videographer Sam Cityz for the amazing photos and video.

You can see more from Greg Taylor at his Facebook and Instagram pages, and you can follow Sam on Instagram.

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