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ChaplainWatch – Keeping Revellers Safe

The NightWatch chaplains from ChaplainWatch patrol the Brisbane CBD, Fortitude Valley and Caxton St precincts overnight.

By 96five Wednesday 26 May 202196five BreakfastInspirational StoriesReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: ChaplainWatch CEO Jesse Webb speaks to Ken & Nicky about the important work they do keeping people safe overnight.

Chappy Week is a week to celebrate the work of school chaplains across Queensland.

96five has also been focusing on the work of chaplains within the wider community as we thank all our chaplains for the work they undertake.

ChaplainWatch is a community service charity, designed to intentionally intervene where people are in crisis, at risk, and in need.

The ChaplainWatch chappys serve through three unique projects – NightWatch, StreetWatch and LifeWatch.

The NightWatch program specifically focuses on public safety in entertainment precincts, and you can find the Brisbane team patrolling the CBD, Fortitude Valley and Caxton Street areas from Wednesday nights through to Sunday nights.

Jesse Webb, CEO of ChaplainWatch (Facebook).

Jesse Webb is the CEO of ChaplainWatch and told 96five’s Ken & Nicky that the NightWatch service was unlike any other service in Queensland.

“We’re out on the street overnight when no other community service is there.  We intentionally find people who are in need, in crisis or at risk and ensuring that they have a safer night out.

“It can mean anything from being a shoulder to cry on, it could be getting people home safely or doing first aid when someone’s got themselves into strife.  It can also be looking out for people who are under stress or getting agitated and calming them down.”

Jesse said that the Brisbane nightlife can attract anywhere from thirty to fifty thousand people on a given night and it was important to keep everyone safe.

“We look after not just the patrons, but the staff of the venues who themselves can run into bad times.

“We try to be there to watch out for people who are out overnight in any of our cities and make sure they have a better time.”

Listen to the full interview with Jesse in the audio player at the top of the page.